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Tahoma by LipsterLeo Tahoma :iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 17 9
The Alpha’s Heirs
        The dog days of summer settled in on Willow Valley. Those are the days just past mid
summer when the heat forces any sentient creature to find refuge from the afternoon sun.
    Mathuin the bear liked to start his day early. By noon the sun’s warmth made him uncomfortable in his heavy black coat. He was once a young warrior fighting a bloody war on the desert sands of Aragath. Older now, he preferred to spend his afternoons napping in the cool shade of an ancient oak tree near the beaver pond.
    He had been lucky this morning and happened across a rich patch of huckleberries. Mathuin loved huckleberries. The only thing he enjoyed more was salmon. There were no salmon in the stream that fed the pond, but in a pinch, nearly anything that swam would do. After eating his fill of berries, he made a trip to the pond where he caught a fat trout. Filled and content, he settled d
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Chapter 36 the Alpha's Heirs
A New Queen
If your enemy hungers, give him food to eat.
If your enemy thirsts, give him water to drink.
Surprise your enemy by forgiving him,
And conquer his evil with love.
                            Romans 12 (paraphrase)
    Simeon sat and worried. Will they kill us or chase from clan territory? Where will we go if they chase us out?
    He and Freya sat on a log next to the prisoner holding cell, awaiting the decision of the council. The guard would not allow them any visitors, so they received no news of their friends.
    “I’m sorry I got you into this, Frey.” He sat with his elbows on his knees, his chin resting on the palms of his paws. His ears drooped in deep depression.
    Freya smiled at him. “Why are ye all’ays worryin’? Me mither taught me
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Chapter 35 The Alpha's Heirs
The Outlaws
    “There’s a rider coming from the north. From the looks of the dust, he’s riding hard.” The Badger on lookout brought the news of the rider to Solly.
    “Come on, you rabbits,” Solly shouted. “You know how to do this. First, take down the horse, then the rider. Let’s move.”
    “But Solly, do we need to kill him?” The gray she-Wolf, SnowBell, wasn’t happy with all of the killing. “He doesn’t know we’re here. Can’t we just let him ride by?”
    LongJaw saw a chance to get back in Solly’s good graces. He snarled at the cowering she-Wolf. “You heard the boss. Move! Or, do you want to be the next to die?”
    As the rider galloped into their ambush, four snarling and howling wolves sprang out of the underbrush along the road. The horse panicked and re
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Chapter 34 The Alpha's Heirs
The Exiles Return
freedom lifts
you up above
your chains
    With the hair on the back of his neck standing up, Simeon stopped again to sniff the air. Freya stopped also, but detected no unusual scent. His actions made her nervous, his sense of smell better than hers.
    “Why do you keep doin’ that?” she asked him.
    “We must move with caution,” he said, “and stay alert. Soon Men across the Midlands will be alerted and on the lookout for a pack of Wolves. Men fear Wolves. They won’
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Alphas Heirs Chapter 33 The Meeting
A mouse that learns to roar and  fight
Is not a lion overnight
Practice may increase his might
But peril brings his courage
    StormDancer opened her eyes to a soft, golden light. Fog drifted before her eyes like a thin curtain, backlit by the glow. Her head pounded, and with each stab of pain, a flash of jagged lightning ripped through the soft golden veil. She wondered, am I in Thurin’s land?
    The fog lifted, and Stormy inspected her surroundings through tear filled eyes. The light came from a lantern hanging from a peg on a nearby post. She lay upon a bed of straw on the floor of a barn. An old woman, wrinkled, yet rather round, knelt next to her. The woman’s long, corn silk colored hair hung in braids across the front of her shoulders. Stormy recognized the yellow dress. The witch!
    Stormy whimpered and cowered back into the straw, glancing around in desperation for a way of escape.
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Alphas Heirs Chapter 32 WAR!
    The proud Badger armies marched into the village of Wapasha on the third day after crossing the River Rushing. The warriors were ready for battle and conquest. But they met with no resistance at all, much to Queen Jordis’ astonishment and disgust.
    Cowards, she thought. Their border guards have alerted their militia by now. They’re afraid to face me. Stupid, sheep-chasing cowards.
    Then another thought came to her. Could this be a trap? Ridiculous. Wolves are too stupid to plan an elaborate trap in so short a time.
    In her arrogance and thirst for revenge and conquest, Jordis failed to recognize the uneasiness her warriors felt. The village was too empty, too still. A sense of impending doom moved through the ranks like ripples on a pond.
    But this queen did not take advice from commoners.
    “Somethin’ isn’t right ‘ere, matey. It&
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Alphas Heirs Chapter 31 The Witching
    “Solly– A small– small caravan– with a wagon– coming up– up the road.” SmokeEater was breathless as he relayed the news to Solly.
    On their movement eastward the gang encountered a well-used road with deep wheel ruts. “Must be a caravan road,” Rocky said. “My guess, traders use this ‘ere road ta transport stuff be’tween the seaports in the south an’ the Man villages in the north.”
    They decided to stay near the road for a while, in case something came by.
    Solly made the decision to send out two of his fastest as sentries. He sent SmokeEater down the road to the south, and FoxHunter went north. Smokey returned first with news of an approaching caravan.
    “A small wagon– pulled by two mules. A loaded camel– two pack donkeys. Only four men– three on horses.”
    Solly thou
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Chapter 30 Alphas Heirs The Winnowing
I’m just a poor wayfarin’ stranger
Travelin’ through this world of woe
There’s no sickness, toil or danger
In that fair land to which I go
                                Pub. Dom.
    The campfire in the dooryard of the sheep farmer’s house had died to smoldering embers and the first rays of the sun turned the eastern sky to soft gold. At the pirate camp, Solly and the gang roused themselves and gathered, ready to move. The sun rose in the east behind a hillock. On the top of the hill a single, gnarled pine tree eked out its existence. Beneath the tree the snow-white she-cougar stood, silhouetted by the rising sun. In silence, she watched them as they awakened from their sleep.
    Benjamin whispered to Solly and Rocky. “She’s reminding us we need to leave.”
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A barren womb contains no joy
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 1 5
Chapter 29 The Alphas Heirs
Chapter 29
The Watchers
    We’ve taken possession of the farm, Solly thought. We have removed the man and taken his house, but how long can we stay? We caught the man by surprise, but he will be back. Where do we go now? North to the great river, or east, to the plains as Simeon showed us? What was it he said about a pass over the mountains to the south–  I wish you were here, cousin. I miss your advice and your maps.
    Across the Stormy Mountains and the White Pass sat another farmhouse, the home of Pieter Bochmeier and his wife Mayflower. The Bochmeiers lived on a small farm at the head of Willow Valley. They had lived in the valley longer than anyone remembered and were far older than anyone imagined. Watchers together, they guarded the welfare of Thurin’s creation in the valley.
    Over fourteen hundred years earlier Mathuin the bear and his man-friend Pieter Bochmeier returned from the war, both to deva
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Chapter 28 the Alphas Heirs
Chapter 28
The Risks
    “Where’s Simeon?” Solly shouted over the noise of the gathering gang. “Anyone seen Simeon?”
    Morning arrived at the makeshift camp on the backside of Bald Top. The assembled crew of rebels and misfits were anxious to cross the River Sunrise. According to Simeon’s map, the River Sunrise was the eastern border of badger territory. After crossing, they would be safe from pursuit.
    Solly lost track of Simeon after they settled down for the night. “LongJaw. FireTail. Either of you seen Simeon?”
    LongJaw cowered. “No, Boss. Not since the meeting last night. Is he missing?”
    “Why else would I be asking, Bunny Brain?”
    “You put FireTail in charge of the watch. I trusted him to be watching.” LongJaw glared at FireTail, who withered under the scowl of both wolves.
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A Lion's courage
A mouse that learns to roar and  fight
Is not a lion overnight
Practice may increase his might
But peril brings his courage
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 3 0
The Alpha's Heirs - Story Synopsis
The date: 1460 after the Great Changing.
The place: The wolf village of Wapasha, the Midlands. It is the world of ThurOn, created and sustained by the great wizard Thurin.
    The story begins with the birth of two wolf pups, cousins, born on the same day. One pup, Solly, is born to be the heir to his father’s throne as clan Alpha. The other, Simeon, is born to parents who are outcasts in their own village. They have been accused of disobedience to the clan council.
    Solly’s mother dies while giving him birth. Raised by his sisters, his heart is broken when his father promises to take him on a hunt, then is too busy to do so. As Solly grows, so does the seed of bitterness. He comes to believe his father hates him for killing his mother.
    Simeon grows up as an outcast in a family without a name and is considered illegitimate. Why won’t the other pups play with me?
    As they become teens, Solly forsakes
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Chapter 27 Alpha's Heirs
Chapter 27
The Hard Way
    Ricky tried to remain awake in case of danger. Facing death sentences if caught in wolf territory, he did not want the girls to die in their sleep. But after running three days without rest, exhaustion took its toll. Stay awake, Ricky. Keep watching. Don’t fall asleep ...
    Awaking from their sleep with a start, the quartet found themselves surrounded by a pack of ten snarling wolves. They faced an armed hunting pack from Wapasha. Familiar, loving faces they remembered from their youth now showed snarls and fangs. They recognized Ricky and Rosie’s parents, Saqui RedMane and SunFlower, along with Rocky, RainDance’s father, and Cyrus the Shepherd. Sestus FleetFoot led the hunters.
    “How dare you return?” Sestus snarled at the surprised trespassers. “The four of you are exiles. You can Thank Thurin we decided not to kill you while you slept.”
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Chapter 26 Alpha's Heirs
Chapter 26
The Misfits
The play, at last, is over
The final curtain falls
A player’s work continues
For now his own life calls
    After six months in the dark, cold dungeon of Castle Haldor, the gang rejoiced. They were finally free. But they had no time to celebrate. They were not safe yet.
    They settled down for the night, sleeping together in a circle around a campfire. FireTail was assigned the responsibility of being the lookout and tending the fire. The escapees planned to leave their makeshift camp at Bald Top the next morning and reach the River Sunrise by afternoon.
    “Once across the ford, we
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light prompt 88
hero unawares
doing that which must be done
survivors glory
:iconcattservant:cattservant 5 4
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Your art is definitely improving. I like the detail you show in the fur under the chin and on the back of the head. Also, the string an...


LipsterLeo's Profile Picture
Leo Hayes
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am 63 years old and a widower retired from the ministry and partly retired from the art industry. Fan and collector of animated movies (over 300!) as well as a large collection of cartoons. I especially like Warner Brothers, and Jay Ward's cartoons. Experienced painter of still life rocks and "happy little trees" next to a creek. Free-lance Photographer. Currently studying cartooning and animation. Partly retired, and taking the time to do what I've always wanted to do; draw my own animation characters. I'm not into furry porn or YIFF, but I do have a weird sense of humor!
I am an author and currently compiling a series of novels based on my Willow Valley characters. The characters that I'm drawing go along with the story, and are my inspiration.
I play jazz tenor sax and am a member of a community concert band and a swing band, hence the name "Lipster Leo'.
My primary language is English, but I speak some German, and I am studying Spanish. I can be fluently misunderstood in 6 foreign languages, including English.
     I'm not a trained artist. The picture of Queen Jordis on my page took me over forty hours to complete. There's no way I would ever offer my artistic ability to anyone for a commission.
  I'm a  writer. I write. Some of you are artists, not writers. You have a background story for your OC, but don't feel confident to write it down. That's where I come in. I love writing stories about anthro characters and situations. And I'm always looking for ideas.
  If you have an interesting character with a backstory, and would like to have it written by a published writer, drop me a line. Let's talk.
  There are caveats; rules to my offer, and stories I won't do.
        No copyrighted characters or fan fic. I don't know enough about some of the different fandoms to do a good job. Must be your original characters.
        No graphic, kinky, or homosexual sex. I do not have the ability to write these well.
        No bondage extreme enough to be considered a prelude to rape or abuse.
        I don't do the F-word. Period.
        Battle scenes and blood are fine, but no vore or senseless violence.
    I can do Fantasy, Sci Fi, Drama, Romance, or Comedy genre's, and specialize in Teen/Young Adult. I'm busier than a bag full of cats right now, so I can't do overnight work. But if your OC piques my interest, I love to give it a shot.
   Interested? Note me. Most stories can be done in less than 2000 words, but if the character interests me enough I could even go novella length (20,000 words).
       No charge for quick, clean rough drafts.
      Writers usually get .02 a word for polished manuscripts ready to publish. Negotiable, depending on how much fun the story is to write. If I submit your story for publication somewhere and it's good enough for publication, we'll negotiate royalties for the use of your characters.
  • Listening to: Styx in concert on DVD
  • Reading: my laptop screen
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Comments to my visitors

Thanks for visiting my profile page. I'm honored!

:3 I spend hours, sometimes days working on my projects. If you favor one, please do not be offended if I don't immediately thank you for it. I may just be busy, or it may just slip my mind. Know that if you favor one of my pictures, I am greatly appreciative.

:3 If you give me a Llama just to get me to give you a page view, don't be upset if I don't thank you for it. I browse DA regularly looking for stuff to contribute to my groups. If I see something that I like, something well done with original thought and requiring time to create, I will visit your gallery to see more.

:3 I'm not into porn, YIFF, or fetishist work. If you are, more power to you. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Just don't expect me to praise your "Boobs and Booties" images; especially if they're just done for shock or fetish value.

:3 I work hard for my money. I give memberships and point gifts to those who have given me something tangible, as a symbol of appreciation.
I don't give gifts just because you ask, so don't waste both of our time. Grab a pencil and get to work.

:3 I welcome critiques of my work. It's how we learn. But if it's extensive, please send it in a note, rather than an extensive comment. Unless I ask for a critique, which I occasionally do.

:3 I'm an English major and always try to use it properly. You don't know how tempted I am to correct your grammar and spelling. But I promise not to do so if you don't make fun of mine!



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