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Time Passages
When you’re young, there’s much to do
Roll in grass that’s wet with dew
Go to war, a flag unfurl
Take a day and court a girl
Darkness comes, it’s time to rest
Lay your head upon her breast
Give to her a band of gold
Soon, a sweet child you will hold
Life at noon is what you dread
Spend the daytime in your bed
Darkness falls, it’s time to sleep
Time to think of dreaming deep
Sleep at night, you’ll miss the moon
Who cares? No one wants to spoon
Not important is the hour
Old age locks you in a tower
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 3 4
The Town Clock
    No one expected such a finely built clock to die. But upon its death, no one cared.
    For one hundred years the clock stood on the corner in front of the jewelry store, faithful to keep the town on time. Two bright white faces with long, slender, finger-like black hands could be seen from either direction along Main Street.
    A lumber baron built the town he named Firgrove and gave the clock as a gift to honor the town’s official founding. The community rejoiced and named the timepiece “Lloyd’s Clock,” after the benefactor. Out of respect for the gift, the townspeople built a cement pedestal to raise the clock’s base above the mud and filth of the dirt street.
    The clock’s workings, of the eight-day variety, required the spring drive be oiled and wound once a week. The town assayer and jeweler received the commission to perform this task, a duty he gladly held and passed down to h
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 47 30
El Torero
El Torero
(The Bullfighter)
    His body, black as the night, grande, like a mountain. One-half ton of angry death. He pounds the ground with hooves of steel, his smoking nostrils flaring blood-red, red as my Traje de Luces, my suit of lights.
    El Toro. He is bold, brave, fierce. Will I be his equal? Will I be as brave? They call me el Mejor Torero, the champion. How many bulls have I faced? We meet, we dance. Only one will walk away.
    My Rosita is here. She watches from the stands, her eyes black as this beast before me. She clutches her breast in fear and excitement. Will she greet me with a kiss, or tears when this ballet is completed?
    My heart pounds in my chest. But I must set aside my fear. Now all that exists is this moment he and I stand together.
    “Toro, venga.” Come, let us begin this ceta, this tryst.
    He stamps the g
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 1 3
Sir Michael's Dragon
     Michael Clifford owned a castle, the only one on the block. Not the usual castle made of chairs and blankets. Sir Michael scoffed at those. He called them ‘peasant tents.’ His castle had real walls, rough-cut, of velvety green and coarse shades of brown and gray.
     His castle even had a moat, at least when it rained, and a drawbridge that could be raised and lowered to keep out unwanted visitors. Visitors like the evil Dark Knight, Sir Luther, who lived on the peasant lands four doors down and was always challenging him to spar or joust. Or, the pesky fair maiden, Becky, next door. With her constant chattering, she could charm the fire out of the fiercest dragon. Worse, she showed Sir Michael no respect. She called him– Mikey.
     Sir Michael lived alone in his castle with only his dragon, Lancelot, for company. The two were always together. Not fully trained in the art of dragonning, Lancelot could not yet breathe
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 4 7
Bubbles are in her laughter
And the Sun rose when she smiled.
Sea-foam gray, her sparkling eyes,
The sea’s most beautiful child ...
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 4 3
The Duel
The Duel
Eugene Field
The gingham dog and the calico cat
Side by side on the table sat;
‘T was half-past twelve, and (what do you think!)
Nor one nor t’ other had slept a wink!
      The old Dutch clock and the Chinese plate
      Appeared to know as sure as fate
There was going to be a terrible spat.
            (I was n’t there; I simply state
            What was told to me by the Chinese plate!
The gingham dog went “Bow-wow-wow!”
And the calico cat replied “Mee-ow!”
The air was littered, an hour or so,
With bits of gingham and calico,
      While the old Dutch clock in th
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 0 0
ENOS Vacation Chap 1
Chapter One
Corporal Ryon Arrives
    I realized the moment I stepped off the transport, this planet hated me. Little did I know, three years later I would hate Enos even more. Four space folds out from Earth, 160 light-years from home, I stood on the gangway alone, trying to inhale air thick as Beijing smog and finding this pink stuff less breathable.
    Pink air? Whatever happened to blue?
    The Enos atmosphere contains enough oxygen and nitrogen to be breathable for humans. Or so they tell us. The corps, in its wisdom, decided that after acclimating, fighting Marines can breathe the thick stuff without a respirator. So why is a portable oxygen generator standard issue?  
    On Enos, the oceans are red. Marines returning to earth call them “Seas of Blood.” Something about them being rich in iron and amino acid-like compounds. No salt. If you fall in, you’ll sink like a stone.
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 3 0
That Smile
That Smile  (Reprised)
She winked at me as I walked by. Was the wink only my imagination? Was the young woman actually flirting with me? I glanced back. There– again. The wink stopped me short; I had to find out.
Her face was only a portrait on canvas, but I couldn’t escape her enigmatic smile. She beckoned to me, called out to me, haunted me. The gentle curve of the lips. The slight upturn at the corners of her mouth. The pixie’s twinkle in her eye. She reached out to possess me.
When we first met, she was forgotten and ignored, covered with a light coating of dust, hidden away in a far, dark corner of the decrepit old thrift store on 3rd and Main. The portrait was of a woman, near forty. Her face was unremarkable, but to me, strikingly beautiful. A white crocheted scarf corralled a wild herd of golden curls. Thick tresses spilled across her shoulders and onto her breasts, which hid in modesty behind a black drape. The woman wore no jewelry, her beauty its own a
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 2 2
Ferryboat by LipsterLeo Ferryboat :iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 5 4 Rainier from the ferry by LipsterLeo Rainier from the ferry :iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 5 4
Reynard's Run
Reynard’s Run
Hounds never give up.
They’ve caught my scent. Must lead them away from my den. This tall Kentucky Bluegrass will not hide me for long. I run. Must run.
At the creek, run upstream. The water carries away my scent. They’ll search both banks. It will buy me time to rest. Must rest.
Hounds never give up.
I hear them bay. Closer now. They’ve regained my scent. Ahead, the pine forest. Through the brambles. Into the forest, we race. Deeper in. Closer, ever closer. No tall grass to hide me. I’m a target for eyes and nose. I run. Must run. Lead them away from the den. My mate and kits are there.
Behind this pine, I’m out of sight. The roar of the gun. Bark above my head explodes. Splinters pierce my fur. I run. Must run.
My heart pounds, exploding in my chest. Breath sears my lungs. I can’t stop to rest. Must lead them from my family.
Hounds never give up.
Now, the hard, black earth. Metal monsters roar by. They shake the ground beneath m
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 4 0
The Battle of Aragath
The Battle of Aragath
A Tale From Willow Valley
    The hot, desert Plains of Aragath witnessed a bloody battle entangling all the creatures of the peaceful Midlands in an unavoidable conflict, not of their own choosing. The battle took place four years before the Time of Changing, the time when the great wizard Thurin made everything new. War and killing spread across the world he named ThurOn and touched all of creation, mankind, and animals.
    Death does not discriminate.
    Under the influence of the evil necromancer, mighty kings and petty tyrants alike sent out their armies to conquer others for gold, slaves or spoil. The killing for greed and avarice did not stop with armies. Neighbors killed neighbors for nothing more than a cow, a sheep, or another’s mate.
    “Give me what I desire, or I will take it by force.” Uncontrolled lust for more, tempted the stronger to take from the weaker at will. Thos
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 1 0
Fog - Flash Fiction
    Wraiths of fog are set ablaze by the glare of the corner street lamp. Water, condensed to droplets on the maple leaves above my head, falls like rain and trickles down the back of my neck. Or, is it the cold fingers of dread dancing up and down my spine? I glance at my watch. 2:47 a.m..
    Guilt tortures my racing mind with questions, all unanswerable. Why did she do it– the one I loved with my life? Am I not man enough for her? And why with him, whom I called brother?
    They will be found, but never again together. I had to hide my transgression. I'm free of her perfidity. No one need know of his betrayal, nor of my shame. The stains of my sin cry out from the carpet. I can't go back.
    The cold iron bus stop bench where I sit amplifies the chill of the fog-shrouded night air. The patter of constantly dripping water mixes with the hammering of my heart. Both sounds increase in my ears until the cacophony drives
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 2 0
Tahoma by LipsterLeo Tahoma :iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 17 9
The Alpha’s Heirs
        The dog days of summer settled in on Willow Valley. Those are the days just past mid
summer when the heat forces any sentient creature to find refuge from the afternoon sun.
    Mathuin the bear liked to start his day early. By noon the sun’s warmth made him uncomfortable in his heavy black coat. He was once a young warrior fighting a bloody war on the desert sands of Aragath. Older now, he preferred to spend his afternoons napping in the cool shade of an ancient oak tree near the beaver pond.
    He had been lucky this morning and happened across a rich patch of huckleberries. Mathuin loved huckleberries. The only thing he enjoyed more was salmon. There were no salmon in the stream that fed the pond, but in a pinch, nearly anything that swam would do. After eating his fill of berries, he made a trip to the pond where he caught a fat trout. Filled and content, he settled d
:iconlipsterleo:LipsterLeo 0 0
Chapter 36 the Alpha's Heirs
A New Queen
If your enemy hungers, give him food to eat.
If your enemy thirsts, give him water to drink.
Surprise your enemy by forgiving him,
And conquer his evil with love.
                            Romans 12 (paraphrase)
    Simeon sat and worried. Will they kill us or chase from clan territory? Where will we go if they chase us out?
    He and Freya sat on a log next to the prisoner holding cell, awaiting the decision of the council. The guard would not allow them any visitors, so they received no news of their friends.
    “I’m sorry I got you into this, Frey.” He sat with his elbows on his knees, his chin resting on the palms of his paws. His ears drooped in deep depression.
    Freya smiled at him. “Why are ye all’ays worryin’? Me mither taught me
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Georgiii by BoholmPhotography Georgiii :iconboholmphotography:BoholmPhotography 111 9 Redwall. Treasure Island. Henbane. by FortunataFox Redwall. Treasure Island. Henbane. :iconfortunatafox:FortunataFox 46 28 Redwall. Treasure Island. Linder Mindes. by FortunataFox Redwall. Treasure Island. Linder Mindes. :iconfortunatafox:FortunataFox 73 6 Inktober day 1 by Shalladdrin Inktober day 1 :iconshalladdrin:Shalladdrin 37 8 Redwall - Swartt Sixclaw by Langueo Redwall - Swartt Sixclaw :iconlangueo:Langueo 26 15 Lucille Ball by adavis57 Lucille Ball :iconadavis57:adavis57 4 1 Militia by Holt5 Militia :iconholt5:Holt5 16 7 My love is burning hot by eReSaW My love is burning hot :iconeresaw:eReSaW 17 2 Cats don't dance(ART TRADE) by Waackery Cats don't dance(ART TRADE) :iconwaackery:Waackery 251 32 Happy Birthday Mark Crilley! by BrisbyBraveheart Happy Birthday Mark Crilley! :iconbrisbybraveheart:BrisbyBraveheart 110 62 Heavens Above by Capturing-the-Light Heavens Above :iconcapturing-the-light:Capturing-the-Light 397 25 Plantain Squirrel by Zaphkiellane Plantain Squirrel :iconzaphkiellane:Zaphkiellane 43 28 .. by Rizone .. :iconrizone:Rizone 153 21


Your art is definitely improving. I like the detail you show in the fur under the chin and on the back of the head. Also, the string an...


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Leo Hayes
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am 67 years old and a widower retired from the ministry and partly retired from the art industry. Fan and collector of animated movies (over 300!) as well as a large collection of cartoons. I especially like Warner Brothers, and Jay Ward's cartoons. Experienced painter of still life rocks and "happy little trees" next to a creek. Free-lance Photographer. Currently studying cartooning and animation. Partly retired, and taking the time to do what I've always wanted to do; draw my own animation characters. I'm not into furry porn or YIFF, but I do have a weird sense of humor!
I am an author and currently compiling a series of novels based on my Willow Valley characters. The characters that I'm drawing go along with the story, and are my inspiration.
I play jazz tenor sax and am a member of a community concert band and a swing band, hence the name "Lipster Leo'.
My primary language is English, but I speak some German, and I am studying Spanish. I can be fluently misunderstood in 6 foreign languages, including English.
  The pronouns who and whom are used interchangeably, but whom is almost always used incorrectly. Would you like to show people how sagacious and precocious you are? To show your educator, professor, or any other smartypants that you're smarter than the average dummy, if not smarter than they? Here's the secret to who/whom.
  It's he/who, him/whom. Remember the M in him. With the female pronoun, it's she/who, and her/whom.
  Examples; "It is he/she who must be obeyed." But some clauses are more complex. Simply rearrange them. Example; "When the boss is here, you must obey him." Rearranged, it would be "The boss is here, the one whom you must obey."
  Just remember the rule, he/who, and him/whom, she/who, her/whom.
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Comments to my visitors

Thanks for visiting my profile page. I'm honored!

:3 I spend hours, sometimes days working on my projects. If you favor one, please do not be offended if I don't immediately thank you for it. I may just be busy, or it may just slip my mind. Know that if you favor one of my pictures, I am greatly appreciative.

:3 If you give me a Llama just to get me to give you a page view, don't be upset if I don't thank you for it. I browse DA regularly looking for stuff to contribute to my groups. If I see something that I like, something well done with original thought and requiring time to create, I will visit your gallery to see more.

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I don't give gifts just because you ask, so don't waste both of our time. Grab a pencil and get to work.

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:3 I'm an English major and always try to use it properly. You don't know how tempted I am to correct your grammar and spelling. But I promise not to do so if you don't make fun of mine!



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